MTH 522 – 11/06/2023

A statistical technique used to evaluate the relationship or reliance between two category variables is the Chi-Square test. It is especially helpful in determining whether there is a substantial relationship between variables and whether the frequencies found in a contingency table significantly differ from the expected values based on independence.
Often used in studies to determine if one variable is dependent upon another, the Chi-Square Test for Independence (sometimes called the 2 Test for Independence) examines whether there is a significant association between two category variables.
Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test: This test determines if the data that was seen fit into a certain distribution, be it uniform, normal, or any other expected distribution.

It is frequently employed to assess a model’s suitability.
The Chi-Square Test for Homogeneity evaluates whether a categorical variable’s distribution holds true for various populations or groupings.

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